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late night bedside view of snow falling

2am wide awake again, not by choice.

I’ve always been a night owl, but rarely struggle to sleep once I decide to turn in, Lately, I’m having a lot of U turns. Head hits pillow. Eyes get heavy. So cozy and then bam! Yanked into blinding alertness. Like a tense rabbit who just caught wolf scent. Have two all nighters under my belt since mid February.  I’m a little concerned that’s where I’m headed now.

I rather enjoy staying up all night and am not usually worse for wear the next day. Last week I used the time to study algebra to be a resource for my kid. Took some major effort to figure out factoring radicals. I was totally dialed in and having a grand time.

Grounding techniques sometimes help. I’ll count backwards or run through the alphabet (cities, colors, food, authors, architectural features). Focusing on the sound of the hard slapping rain helped me doze off after tossing and turning at midnight. About an hour later, I must have heard a fox’s footstep and I’ve been wide eyed since. Rain flipped to snow. Listening flipped to seeing and now I’m just leaning in to the insomnia by writing. Maybe I will bore myself to sleep. This is about as interesting as retelling a dream.

Normally I would have simply left the room by now. Sleep experts say it’s best not to keep tossing and turning. Go to another room, read a book, snack on kiwis and bananas until you’re ready to try again. But if I get up, I am at high risk of staying up, esp if I pick up that algebra textbook.

I also don’t want to wake up my kid who shares my owl tendencies and is quick to notice do as I say not as I do situations.

(after drafting this and completing a crossward I did fall asleep by 3am)