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cross training with the bike trailer

Not wanting to write much today given how I went on and on yesterday.

Thanks to the ice bath, I was able to move my legs today. Got off to a good start by taking a long walk with a friend. Then hitched up our eight foot bike trailer for some bulk shopping.

I don’t usually bust out the truck, but I am working on a project that involves long pieces of wood and a slow bike ride seemed up my alley. It’s not wise to speed with this thing. The laundry baskets are for plants and small stuff.

I will leave it at that as anything else will be writing for the sake of writing (not that there is anything wrong with that!)

Light green bike with red panniers attached to a low, long bike trailer. Two laundry baskets with flowers are on the trailer. They are leaned up against a fence in dappled shade.

finding 20 miles

Just finished mapping out a 20 mile route for tomorrow. This is the final long run before the marathon. I love how many pleasant options we have in Chicago. I want to avoid the lake front path, don’t want to go back to the Des Plaines River Trail (too many fast cyclists for me to be wearing earphones), and want to keep it simple so I can turn on auto pilot. I haven’t been on Ravenswood for a long time so that’s the plan.

So tired right now.

rinse and repeat

How many different ways can I say today was pretty much the same as yesterday? Except tonight, after a sweaty hour on the treadmill, I leaned on the counter and ate peanut butter out of the jar, glazing each spoonful with honey.* Not a great way to meet the “wise eating” goal but I’m being pretty loose on that one.

I wish I could say I zipped out 5 or 6 miles. But with the marathon less than a month away, I am still struggling to string together 3 miles without a fair bit of walking.

Some of this has to be a mental block. But I also remain mostly sedentary. Now that I’m back to working full time, I have reverted to the pandemic pattern of hanging out in my home office all day. Today I at least did some standing at my desk.

I have got to break out of this pattern. I keep saying this. Clearly I need a plan.

But on a postive note, I’m still ending the day with water instead of wine, some movement is better than nothing, and the only marathon goal that really matters is fundraising for the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless.

I just kinda want to be done with the whole thing so I can focus on more manageable fitness goals…. like getting back to running 6 miles in an hour.

*Yeah, maybe gross, but at least I’m the only one in the house using that jar.

do or do not…

Oh goodness it’s 10pm and I have not moved my body much today.

I do not not want to falter with my quite reasonable, attainable, short term goals. 7500 steps a day should be a no brainer! Oh well. Perils of hyper focus and working from home.

Feels too late to go for a long walk from a personal safety standpoint. I don’t usually feel this way. I’m not sure where my hesitance is coming from but there’s no harm in heeding it I guess.

So…. treadmill….? I had planned to run today so that’s probably what I should do. Will reduce the time needed to get those steps in.

I could never understand how folks exercise before bed, but I’m about to find out. Just need to move my butt from this chair. Running shoes are already at the bottom of the stairs.

A friend of mine has kept a steak of biking to the lake for a swim for nearly 90 days. She was out there yesterday, when we received 4 inches of rain. So…surely I can jog a couple of miles right now.


Ugh I don’t feel like doing this but up I go.

Update. I scratched out two miles and did some yoga ish stretches.

inside day

Cool and drenching today. Flooding around the city but we were spared. Glad we had the main line rodded out this summer.

Forgot to put my watch on post shower so don’t have an accurate step count for the day. Would not have been accurate anyway because I spend a couple of hours on my feet in the kitchen today but that kind of bustle doesn’t seem to translate well. I also did 5k on the treadmill. Completed week 1 of my yoga series but the classes are only 10 mins and focused on different kinds of stretches. There’s more on my mind but I’m sleepy and I don’t want to miss this window

stepping out

Had plans to go out twice (!) in one day to see friends. A lunch visit which involved a couple mile bike ride there and back (at a mellow pace because Michael was towing Rumor) and then dinner about a mile away. Instead of biking, I took a meandering walk to get there and a meandering walk back quickened by good company.

I have not been doing much socializing due to stuff that’s been going on. This morning was heart heavy and I did not want to leave the house. But I didn’t want to bail and I knew deep down that it would be good to see folks. Plus, Michael and I are not the only ones in the weeds. It’s good for our friends to see us as well.

I am glad I forced myself to do some yoga before leaving for dinner. Working those self discipline muscles!

And my new running shoes came today. Finally decided it was OK to say I’m not loving the ones I got this summer. Went back to Newtons. Fingers crossed they will add a little pep!

you tube yoga

Continued to buck my norm tonight. Was a busy day in unanticipated ways which meant I was again behind on movement by the evening. I wasn’t starting from as near to inert as yesterday, but I still had to tuck in a few brisk miles. Walked on the Bloomingdale Trail towards the full moon.

Got home around 930. Sticky and smelly, I wanted to bathe before doing pre zzzzzz yoga. But I knew if I took a bath, per usual, I’d loose momentum. So I took a shower.

Went upstairs to fire up Do Yoga with Me and I kept getting an error. What about my 30 day challenge? The familiar voice of my favorite teacher? I refreshed for a few mins and then decided to look for a substitute. Found a 10 min video focused on calves, ankles and toes. Perfect! When was done, the other site was loading so I was able to keep up with the challenge. Today’s focus: groin muscles.

OK zzzzzz

leveled up

Feeling proud. After a day of very little activity and a fraught phone call this evening, I was sorely tempted to curl into a ball and blow off the walking and yoga. My 7500 step goal is modest, but somehow I had barely registered 1000 by 830 pm. But instead of throwing up my hands in self rebuke, I hit the sidewalk. 90 mins and about 5 miles later, the goal was in the books.

I was considering just doing a few downward facing dogs to cross yoga off the list, but didn’t want to skip a day in my 30 day challenge. So I did the yowza on the wall quad stretch.

Now so tired.