408100_10150540707257492_1906751993_nHooray! I finally settled, for now, on a subtitle: “notes from a recovering perfectionist and procrastinator.” The reasoning behind the name is a discussion for another day.

CameraZOOM-20131020171504977Though I have been advised that successful blogs tend to focus on a topic, or better, a sliver of a topic, staying on point is not my strongest suit.* I berate myself enough already for messy, non-linear thinking. As an uncharacteristic act of kindness to myself, I am  going to use this space for wherever my fingers take me, even if that means veering around diverse topics such as:

  • running
  • gardening
  • 2013-08-17 09.37.47bicycle advocacy
  • mental illness
  • brain stuff in general
  • parenting
  • open adoption
  • adventures
  • public education
  • social justice
  • entrepreneurship
  • quest for a place for all things
    and all things in their place (and fewer things)
  • CameraZOOM-20130903172813526teaching and learning
  • poetry
  • cooking
  • evolutionary biology
  • our dog
  • aging
  • belt tightening–of  both budgets and belly
  • self-improvement, personal growth, existential crises, ok, fine, self-improvement it is
  • writing2013-08-19 19.48.49

But why write at all, and why toss 2013-12-26 14.20.45more words into the deep, cold sea of public commentary and chatter? All  of those topics are threadbare. Is there anything left worth sharing? Simple:

  • My memory is leaky; if I don’t record, I don’t recall.
  • I am a performer, the class clown, the loud advocate; it is embarrassing to admit, but I do like an audience, even if it is small enough to fit around a kitchen table.
  • Over the years, some of what I have publicly shared has been useful to others, especially on topics related to mental illness, parenting, and bicycling. As the saying goes, “If I can help just one person. . . .”

    This picture is from 2010, when we lived in Ecuador for six months. It links to our blog about the experience.
  • I love to write. Even on the most head banging on keyboard days, wrangling with words makes me happy, and helps me puzzle through whatever needs puzzling through.

Thanks for stopping by and poking your head into the kitchen. If you have made  it this far, you are a trooper or my mom. (Hi, Mom!)

* Curiously, I excel at helping other people crystallize and structure their ideas. Coaching, shaping, revising, and editing is my favorite job. Feel free to contact me if interested in such services.

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