calmy hunkering

It’s been a couple of years since I have had a December without a crush of grading. When working as a college professor (or rather lecturer? instructor? I guess), Thanksgiving to mid December was a blur of sleepless nights and intense days full of conferences.

Even though I have been putting in some extra hours, I am struck by how chill I’ve been. Just burrowing into the long nights. Not going anywhere. Feeling OK about it. Living like a bear I guess.

Fluffed our the fake Christmas tree a bit. I can still see the gaps. It was not a top of the line tree. That’s OK. Gaps are good for big ornaments.

Was feeling “behind” bc the garlands aren’t up and then I remembered we will havs the tree up until mlk day at least so I’m cool taking my time.

Finally made dentist and psych appts today. Had only been on my to do lists for a few weeks.

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