core stuff

Watched a webinar tonight that talked about the “core self” ie how we come into the world with our strengths and gifts and how over time we experience injuries and then accrete layers of shame, defence mechanisms, walls, and masks. There was a concentric diagram. The defense layer even looked like the top of a castle (turrets?)

On an intellectual level I had some issues with the model because it was a bit tidy and then I was laughing about that quibble seeing as I am always looking for the “one ring to bind them all.”

On an emotional level, I had to keep the tissues close and that’s all I am going to say about that.

But I am also thinking about our body’s core, where we suck heat from our extremities as needed. Our thermostat read 65 degrees this morning. I work from home. I asked Michael if his office would be turning on the heat today. He said no… but that’s because his building holds heat. I highly doubt they would leave the office at 65 degrees.

So I did crank crack up our radiators. It was wasteful. We still have ACs in some of our windows. Not all of our storms are down. I just want to make sure it was working. And so I had my first lie down on the sunroom radiator of the fall.

Michael did just take the AC out of our bedroom. Gotta love Chicago. From mid 80s to high 40s in a week.

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