7 more weeks until Christmas

137 is an odd number (beyond the obvious).  The number 37 has a flimsy feel to it though now that I think of it, 7 and 3 both have some magic. But 37 lacks heft in my mind which is why I keep thinking of the writing streak I’m on as just a little longer than the 100 I did leading up to my bday this June.

I started this streak on August 10, to mark an important day. My Wordle winning streak had just ended after  137 days so that became my new goal. I didn’t really think about how that maps onto a calendar. Yesterday I did the math. Approx 19 1/2 weeks, 4 1/2 months, more than a full season. Started with bare feet and cicadas, will wrap up with boots and maybe  snowflakes on Christmas Eve.

The earth’s rotation and orbit: how we experience time.

Clocks and calendars: how we measure and track time.

I think the moon is somewhere in between.

Today is a good one for a post about time as it is also Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, welcoming year 5783.

Back to the earth’s rotation. 137 days is longer than I thought. But it doesn’t really matter as writing every day is petty low stakes. I don’t have a goal. Don’t mind if I write about the same thing over and over or don’t have much of an audience. In some ways I’d be better served by journaling privately every day. There’s so much I don’t put here. But self censorship isn’t always bad.

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