Vapors and Dew

This week’s theme continues: brrrrr.

It’s about 4pm and I’m huddling in a spot that the sun can still reach. Sweatshirt on, blanket in lap, tea at hand. Teeth clattering. The indoor and outdoor thermometers both read 69 degrees.

I was feeling kinda miserable and then I got distracted by researching temperature thresholds for being able to see steam (per the wisps above my mug). I learned (relearned?) that steam is invisible and that what I’m actually looking at is vapor, ie water returning to liquid form as it hits cooler air. Humidity matters and so on and that is why we have dew point. Or something like that. 5th grade science review.

green coffee mug with a little bit of steam on a partly sunny window sill

I’m also thinking about how dew and vapors are haunting words and also most likely the name of Logan Square’s next bar/dispensary. Or Vapors and Dew? I don’t see anything online yet. You heard it here first.

Now my tea is cold but since my sweatshirt and mental workout warmed me up a bit, I’m going to force myself outside for some gardening while it’s still light out. Even this ice queen can recognize a glorious autumn day.

Update. Spent an hour or getting my hands dirty. I have barely touched the garden since the tulips closed the spring show in May. Thank goodness for perennials!


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