starting with sleep

Argh another work day of minimal physical movement. I barely left my office. I am so frustrated with myself.

I know the only way I am going to consistently run on week days is if I get up earlier in the morning. My recent experiment with evening walks and runs to get steps in mostly just proved to me that I need to get a morning routine going. Felt more like a gimmic than something sustainable. Also the time change will happen soon (I am in the minority who eagerly awaits it) and mornings will be even better.

But my sleep has been so off the last few months. Can’t fall asleep. Can’t stay asleep. It’s so weird. I think I’ve had more restless nights this year than my whole life combined. I’m not counting all of my intentional all nighters. It’s one thing to choose to skimp on sleep. But until this year, whether it was 11pm or 3 am, when I decided to hit the hay, I usually conked out and stayed put.

I know so many other people have sleep struggles and I’m not super stressed about it. I’m not dragging during the day. It’s just weird and sort of annoying.

I just took a cbd gummy that’s supposed to be calming. We shall see. Writing about not sleeping probably won’t be helpful so I’m just gonna stop now. Maybe fire up some tea.

Today I hit snooze for over an hour. Did not roll out of bed until almost 9am.

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