do or do not…

Oh goodness it’s 10pm and I have not moved my body much today.

I do not not want to falter with my quite reasonable, attainable, short term goals. 7500 steps a day should be a no brainer! Oh well. Perils of hyper focus and working from home.

Feels too late to go for a long walk from a personal safety standpoint. I don’t usually feel this way. I’m not sure where my hesitance is coming from but there’s no harm in heeding it I guess.

So…. treadmill….? I had planned to run today so that’s probably what I should do. Will reduce the time needed to get those steps in.

I could never understand how folks exercise before bed, but I’m about to find out. Just need to move my butt from this chair. Running shoes are already at the bottom of the stairs.

A friend of mine has kept a steak of biking to the lake for a swim for nearly 90 days. She was out there yesterday, when we received 4 inches of rain. So…surely I can jog a couple of miles right now.


Ugh I don’t feel like doing this but up I go.

Update. I scratched out two miles and did some yoga ish stretches.

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