stepping out

Had plans to go out twice (!) in one day to see friends. A lunch visit which involved a couple mile bike ride there and back (at a mellow pace because Michael was towing Rumor) and then dinner about a mile away. Instead of biking, I took a meandering walk to get there and a meandering walk back quickened by good company.

I have not been doing much socializing due to stuff that’s been going on. This morning was heart heavy and I did not want to leave the house. But I didn’t want to bail and I knew deep down that it would be good to see folks. Plus, Michael and I are not the only ones in the weeds. It’s good for our friends to see us as well.

I am glad I forced myself to do some yoga before leaving for dinner. Working those self discipline muscles!

And my new running shoes came today. Finally decided it was OK to say I’m not loving the ones I got this summer. Went back to Newtons. Fingers crossed they will add a little pep!

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