you tube yoga

Continued to buck my norm tonight. Was a busy day in unanticipated ways which meant I was again behind on movement by the evening. I wasn’t starting from as near to inert as yesterday, but I still had to tuck in a few brisk miles. Walked on the Bloomingdale Trail towards the full moon.

Got home around 930. Sticky and smelly, I wanted to bathe before doing pre zzzzzz yoga. But I knew if I took a bath, per usual, I’d loose momentum. So I took a shower.

Went upstairs to fire up Do Yoga with Me and I kept getting an error. What about my 30 day challenge? The familiar voice of my favorite teacher? I refreshed for a few mins and then decided to look for a substitute. Found a 10 min video focused on calves, ankles and toes. Perfect! When was done, the other site was loading so I was able to keep up with the challenge. Today’s focus: groin muscles.

OK zzzzzz

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