34 days until marathon

Oof. Met, actually exceeded, today’s mileage goal of 19 miles. Haven’t done a lot of running since the 19 miles two weekends ago. Last weekend’s epic biking and hiking stood in for the long run but I am struggling to lace up during the week. So my marathon training is subsisting on an intermittent diet of very slow, long runs. It’s an approximation.

Today I kept with the walk/run (jog) quarter mile increments. It was cool (in the lower 70s) and overcast… quite different than recent steamy conditions. I chose a somewhat no brainer route to avoid wasting time looking at my phone. Pretty much due west on residential streets (mostly Cortland and Bloomingdale), then the Des Plaines River Trail until I hit 9.5 miles and then I retraced my steps home.

Felt pretty strong for the first 15 miles and then started getting sloppy with the increments and then my legs were just nope and I staggered the last two miles home, resisting the siren call of the bus.

It was not pretty, but I’m feeling optimistic that, barring injury, I will be able to cover the 26.2 miles, even if it means finishing after the course closes.

I still have five weeks to start pounding out shorter runs, work on flexibility, maybe lose a bit of weight. In terms of exertion and time, that should be less daunting than these long, exhausting outings. The main challenge is self management and discipline. The long run is the ultimate act of hyper focus. It’s much easier to go out for 5 hours on a Sunday than get up before work to run for 30 minutes!

headband headphones! maybe dorky but def comfortable

As for the health goals.

  • Lots of water? yes
  • No booze? yes
  • No sugar bombs? erm… Michael brought home some carrot cake and after all those miles I did want a treat so I challenged myself to have a small piece (I’m prone to having one piece then another then shaving off the side to pretend I’m not taking a third…). I did succeed in not going back to the fridge, so that’s good.
  • Yoga? Yes…again bare minimum. Could barely walk upstairs let alone pull out the mat. But I did a little bit and my body was both like wtf?? and thanks! I should have done some work before the run but oh well.
  • At least 750 steps? No doubt.

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