Decent Enough (re) Start

35 days until the marathon

Today’s steps compliments of walking/jogging with Rumor.

Was a mellow day. I spent too much time in the morning doing Spelling Bee. So many words today! I was completely stumped on the last few so used clues from the community forum. Never heard of the words so I didn’t feel bad. I also didn’t feel bad for dinking around.

I cleaned out the sunroom, a somewhat emotionally freighted task due to some stuff that happened this summer.

Also cooked some of our wormy apples down for sauce. Lots of chopping off the gross and rotting bits.

As for the health goals.

  • Lots of water? yes
  • No booze? yes
  • No sugar bombs? yes ish. did have some chocolate chips with cashews and hit the homemade apple mush a little harder than warranted. But at least there’s no added sugar
  • Yoga? Yes… bare minimum. I started a 30 day challenge with my fave online teacher focused on a certain kind of stretching for athletes and today was only 8 mins. The target was glutes but my hip flexors are so tight they were kinda getting in the way of the stretch.
  • At least 750 steps? Yes, though i totally bailed on the long run so I need to make that happen tomorrow

Rumor woke me up twice in the night and 630 this morning despite getting a decent walk before bed last night. I think she misses Michael! I got her on two  walks and a mini run today so I’m hoping it tides her over.

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