I have not done much of anything in the garden since my spring frenzy. Here’s to perrenials.

I haven’t even been making apple sauce. Instead, we have been throwing out the wormy, squirrel bitten apples as they fall. Or rather a while after they fall. Maybe it’s OK to flake out every 20 years.

Regardless of funky apple disposal ethics, the risk of being pokey about picking up the fruit mush is that rats eventually catch on.

The other night I was in the loo and I heard quite a commotion in the gangway.* Rumor was going bonkers. I yanked up my shorts and scurried outside because I knew only one thing could cause that level of fence scrabbling fervor: rats.

I found an under the fence passage (the displaced soil was a giveaway) and went into full hell no mode. I thanked Rumor for her efforts and started clearing the area. It was late and dark so I didn’t do much but I was just nope, nope, nope.

The next day I dug a small trench along the gangway section of the fence, nestled in some chicken wire, and stapled it to the bottom of the fence. I had done other sections of the fence a while ago; this was the last unsecured area.

almost midnight so I will finish for now

*not really a gangway because half of it is shut off by doors. If you don’t know about gangways, Chicago style. https://www.chicagotribune.com/opinion/ct-met-chicago-gangways-grossman-20191129-ypvc43upwzevfnjn57yw2352ki-story.html

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