I wrote so much last night that I am giving myself permission to dial this in. First day as a full timer was fine as I knew it would be bc of course I have been working many full days… just not 5 days a week. The change will hit me over the month I am sure.

Had some vexing personal news and ooo boy. Digging deep. Digging deep for the coping strategies.

I am angry at myself for still being so quick to bail on my commitments to myself in terms of making healthy choices esp re movement. Why am I not running? To be honest, I’m disgusted with myself. I regret signing up for the marathon but I’m going to stick with it. I am not going to crucify myself for just trying to get by. As I’ve written before… some folks respond to personal challenges in inspiring ways worthy of sweeping movie sound tracks. That’s not me. Not now. Not yet. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next year.

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