11 weeks

just some navel gazing

I am going to keep writing about HAT (health and training) even if there’s not much to report. Need to honor that the brain and heart contribute to performance, for better and worse. Some people are fired up  by personal challenges, at least according to movies and cover stories. For me, right now, they act as gravitational forces. I can walk but can’t seem to run. But I did scratch out almost 7 miles on my feet on a day that turned hot and sunny so that’s OK enough for now.

I started by walking the dog, dropping her back at home and walking to the west end of the Bloomingdale Trail. Then I ambled east and took the north avenue bus home.

The marathon is not a high stakes situation. If I don’t finish, my world will not collapse. 

As far as I can tell, I am doing OK on the physical health front, certainly a little better than this winter. Have lost a smidge of weight. Deep breathing is more accessible, maybe due to a combination of awareness and running. Drinking a ton of water. Not drinking a ton of wine.Got a clear mammogram last month. I am way overdue for a derm check which makes me a little anxious, but at least I have the referral.

Mood and mental health aren’t awesome but I am managing and still holding the line on Project INAF (I’m not a failure). As I push past 80 days since my last cycle, I may be stuck in PMS limbo. Hormonal chin acne has been raging and my anxiety has me picking but at least I can laugh or roll my eyes about it.

Still playing a lot of word games. Gnawing on Spelling Bee is upping my Scrabble skills. Prevailed over Michael tonight but I also had good luck with letters. I hope this counts towards brain health. It certainly helps pass the time.

close up of scrabble tiles in the holder (?)

I blank blank UFOR
First pull. I am always daunted by blanks. But on my 2nd turn I was able to put down worthier for the bonus 50.

And there are still 11 weeks until the marathon, though three months sounds better.

Oof tomorrow we will be in a car for 8 hours at the least dropping kiddo off at camp. Michael is getting up early to run. I’m not at that level of discipline yet. I’ll be feeling pleased if I manage to take a shower. I’m still sticky from today’s outing.

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