hail storm

Close up of the floor of a wood deck with a piece of hail in the space between two floorboards. The hail looks like a marble, with a white core and clear outer layer.
Back porch hail

Shelter is a lovely word that, to me, evokes its meaning. Even though not related by etymology (according to a cursory internet search), shell is an apropos first syllable. When capitalized, the visual of Sh is welcoming but safe. Like the S is waving us in and the h is the door. The sounds of l,t, and r are soothing. I can almost hear: Shall we have some tea?

I was thinking about shelter a few mins ago because just as I sidled up to my desk to write, I heard something hit our window and then the pelting began and the dog started spinning around in fear.

Hail is exciting until it starts destroying tomato plants, roofs, and cars. I remember one storm 10 ish years ago that caused (or justified) a jump in homeowner’s insurance premiums across the neighborhood the following year even for folks like us who had not needed to file a claim.* Tonight’s burst lasted just long enough for me to grab my camera and get dinged on the head a few times. Then we were teased with a few minutes of thunder and hard rain. We really could use a drenching. But the show moved east quickly and we’re just left with some humidity. (morning update: wow we did get the drenching and quite a light storm!)

I am so grateful for our home and never take it for granted. These old walls might not have insulation, but the bricks keep the wolves at bay. (morning update: though one of our bedroom windows is leaking from above–yikes)

Today was another day of limited physical activity but I have been standing at my desk a bit more and did go on a symbolic run tonight. Only two miles. Included walking. It was wonderfully hot and I was distracted by an audio drama. I really should stick with music if I want to pick my knees up.

It’s weird, I have been trying to tune into my emotions and I am picking up amorphous fear about running and exercise in general. I am not injured. Not worried about being injured. Maybe I am afraid I am not going to manage the marathon after all? In fairness, I have been anxious about a lot of things lately. Well, I will try again tomorrow. (morning update: OK it’s cool out–ideal running conditions though it hurts my heat loving heart. I am leaving all final prep for kiddo’s two weeks of sleepaway camp to my kiddo–as is appropriate for a 15 year old–with Michael help as back up. No excuses!!! Oh. new update. Radio says severe storm update. Maybe treadmill time.)

* I know that’s the point of insurance but I was like “really? it was that bad?” and the agent was like “oh yeah, a LOT of claims.” Still, I dunno. . . it seemed a little fishy. Maybe she was pulling my leg but I got the last laugh b/c we switched companies. And, I am standing by my use of like. And I can’t believe I just wrote about insurance.

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