nope 072122

Oof. Not good at all on the HAT (health and training) front. Was going to run this evening but didn’t eat much during the day and then ended up in a bit of a meeting marathon (all good stuff) but by 630 I was so loopy that all I could think about was food.

Michael made a kale salad, we ordered pizza, and watched the Jan 6 hearing which left me heavy hearted in a few  ways. That it happened. That the ever increasing pile of facts and testimony will not budge the minds that don’t want to be budged. * That so much time is going into these hearings, feeding a narrative that dems and “turncoat” Republicans are so obsessed with trump that they aren’t doing their jobs. That Republicans who decried Trump’s action/ inaction have now crawled back into his shadow. That for all his blustering buffoonary (which was on full display during clips tonight) Trump managed to stack the SCOTUS which means my kid’s generation is seeing rights and protections stripped away.

Hmm i didn’t intend to go on and on but maybe this is a tiny nod to history. And I’m glad we watched and bore witness. And saw Josh Hawley scampering for safety not long after raising a fist of solidarity to the soon to be rioters.

Back to personal front. I have not put on running shoes in a week. I’m just gonna keep on fessing up. Not berating. Try again tomorrow.

*now thinking about the dif between nudge and budge and now I’m thinking about how I’m rather fond of words with dge.

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