nope 072022

Just gonna keep telling the truth. Did not make progress towards physical health/running performance goals today.

Did finally announce that I have taken a new job: Deputy Director at Friends of the Parks. Part time for now, moving to full in fall. Put in some hours today.

We also had a plumbing situation. Clogged sink line. Ewww. Last night I was startled by slimy burbling from our kitchen sink. Found dampness in the basement. Told 3rd floor tenants to hold off on doing any dishes. Gave our kid a pass on loading the dishwasher thinking we would need to move operations to the bathroom.

Thankfully, our long time plumbing company came out today. Highly recommend Lincoln Sewerage. Family owned. Same person has been working our pipes for at least 15 years. I remember him talking about coaching his kid’s teems. Today his son was on the job with him. So was his 80 year old dad.

Took care of other important things. But! I could have made time to run or walk or do yoga or anything. I wasn’t wall to wall minute to minute occupied.

Try again tomorrow.

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