I want to write about going to a chiropractor, seeing an xray of my spine, and getting my first “adjustment.” I am not using the air quotes in a disparaging way. The word just feels inadequate to what Dr. Maj did with my neck and back in less than 10 minutes.

My spine is in pretty good shape for a 50 year old. But it’s a little out of plumb, drifting to the right as it moves up from the sacrum. My left shoulder is higher than my right. She asked if I ever broke my collar bone Nope. But I’m not surprised given my default way of standing and tilting my head. Chicken egg, no matter.

My upper and middle back is (are?) also very tight, which she says is consistent with shallow breathing and anxiety.

And I have phone neck. Or computer neck or biking neck… whatever. She had taken a side view of my head bent forward, in neutral, and backward. It was really cool to compare how each vertebra shifted…. or didn’t shift. Bottom line is that one of my vertebrae is doing the lion’s share of work that should be spread across a team of 5? 6? (whatever the neck group is made of).

I imagine it’s related to the uneven collar bones and spinal drift. I am right handed and never learned to type. I have spent a lot of time at the computer the last 30 years, with my right hand dominating. I have spent a lifetime hunched over journals. And now I write on my phone too.

I expressed frustration about my bad habits. Come on, I danced, I did yoga…. I should know what to do and have the discipline to do what needs doing to stay in alignment. Then again, I know tossing a few handfuls of chocolate chips down the gullet isn’t wise either…

After we talked, she did some work on my spine. I was surprised to be a little nervous even though I know her clients range from newborns to wisened elders.

It was amazing. I walked out feeling taller. I want to write more but I need to stop for zzzz.

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