a great lake

um I am gonna hit post even though this is word salad as of 1156pm

Another day without being cold in fact it was warm enough that when it started raining when I was running along the lake 3 miles from my bicycle actually I was walking I was not at all concerned. I knew I could get wet and there would be no goosebumps and that is about as close a definition to perfect summer as I can think of.

right okay so I am trying speech to text because I am trying to soak the last remnants of my fake nails off my right hand. I usually pick and rip them off which pretty much destroys my real nails along the way

good I see yeah so yes speech-to-text is totally not at all going to work for me.

It’s later and I am writing now. Putting words to screen and paper slows and corrals my thoughts.

I was going to write about my time rambling along the shoreline but I’m going to tuck in and return later.

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