feeling down but inspired

I wrote too much last night >> staying up too late and I really really need to do a proper long run tomorrow which means quite a few miles more than my recent shuffling (my approximation of intervals.)

Hoping my trial run of the new shoes (ie a short dog walk this morning) will keep me from getting blisters tomorrow.

I’m feeling down tonight about a lot of things (at least SCOTUS is now in recess) , including how much I am still  struggling to not be sedentary by default.

Going for a run and then sitting most of the day is not really going to help my brain or body. It’s like I am in some kind of show down with myself to see who will blink first. I can be inexplicably defiant with myself. I guess that’s common and as the mental health folks say… even our maladaptive behaviors are trying to help us, protect us in some kind of way.

Enough about me. I have a friend who has been diligently, assiduously, thoughtfully, carefully working to do a lot of physical resets, one day at a time,  since last Thanksgiving. 

Hers is her own story to tell, so I’ll just say she is an inspiration. You know who you are!

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