Running for the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless

To keep my fundraising page brief (and the donation button easy to access), I moved the “why support CCH and me to this page.

In brief: I am part of a team of 60 marathon runners raising funds to support the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless (CCH). Our collective goal is $90,000. I know it’s trite, but really–no donation is too small! I will throw in a personalized limerick as a thank you.

Why support CCH? It’s a scrappy, high impact  organization that is tackling homelessness from many angles. It’s also where one of my best friends works. Julie Dworkin is an amazing person and has been a rock for me in the last few years. 

Why support me? Hmmm, this is always the harder part. How about this: My last marathon was in 2017. I haven’t been doing so well since then and of course the pandemic was a real kicker. This year I’ve been working hard on the mental health front. Now I need to turn to my  physical health which is definitely showing the impact of depression, age, and  two years of hunkering at home.  I want to celebrate turning 50 this summer by getting into better shape in all senses of the word–not just for me and my family, but so I can better serve others and the planet. Like Julie! 🙂

Here’s the link again. Gin’s Fundraising Page. Thanks for considering!

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