need a new approach

Soooooo for reasons I don’t want to go into, I did not run today. Nothing particularly bad. I just became fixated on a task, time flew, I needed to be home for my kid in the late afternoon and my long run window was gone. I guess I could have gone in the evening but that’s a whole other level of commitment.

The worst part is that I sat on my butt most of the day because I didn’t take the 30 seconds needed to crank my desk back up to standing height.

Haven’t been sleeping well which I guess makes sense.

Also not doing so well on fundraising, eek. This is what I posted to a running group I am in.


Dear ones, with the world on fire I have been lagging in my fundraising for the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless. I promise not to spam this group–maybe one more ask before October.
I will throw in a personalized limerick as a thank you. No pressure if your donation commitments are already overextended. Donation Link

Much has changed since this group started
It’s hard not to be broken hearted
We run for our lives
Our hopes won’t capsize
From convictions we won’t be parted

Or. . . to be less mature and more overtly political

Much has changed since this group started
It’s hard not to be broken hearted
Thanks to SCOTUS turds
We’re sliding backwards
In their way, I wish I had farted*

*Monty Python reference

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