space ship or clown shoe

I haven’t purchased new running shoes in years. While I can’t blame them for  my lead feet, they are definitely worn down to match the degrees of my pronation. It’s not extreme, but does become self reinforcing.

I’ve leaned towards minimalist-ish shoes since reading Born to Run ten plus years ago. It called into assumptions that our feet need to be swaddled with cushy heels and arch support.  I don’t want to go into details but bottom line: challenge orthodoxy in a way that seems logical? Sign me up! I’m not patient enough to build up thick skin to run barefoot or attentive enough to dodge hazards. The Vibram foot gloves looked like they would be as hard to get into as a wet suit. I landed on Newtons, a lightweight, “neutral” shoe. Every year or so, I ordered a new pair on line from the company because they were not as easy to find in stores… perhaps because ye olde pendulam was swinging.

Today I went to a local running store to get advice on fit and where things stand today. What’s the current thinking on the shoe-injury – performance – comfort relationship?

Hmm, it’s ten and I need to be up early tomorrow. Ten mile slog to the lake and back ( fingers crossed) plus kiddo coming home from a two week trip to my parents (❤️).

Bottom line is I’m torn between a super cushy space ship (from Hoka) and a barely there clown shoe (from Altra).

I came home empty handed because I couldn’t choose. They are getting a different size to try for the space ship and different color for the clown shoe (I run away from neon) from a sister store. I promised not to go home and order from somewhere else online.

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