what matters

What matters can be a question or a statement. Open ended, sometimes despairing vs definitive and strong.

Roe v Wade was overturned today. When Michael called me over to share the news I froze in the kitchen. Speechless. It wasn’t a surprise but I had indulged hope.

What rights and protections might fall next? How do I look my child, any child in the eyes? What did I do to stop this from happening? Not much really. Donations and rallies but I haven’t had a singular focus to preserve rights of body autonomy akin to the stunning tenacity of those who have dedicated their lives to stripping them. I didn’t move to a red state to try to change the tide.

And this isn’t just about abortions. It’s about the inane and selective hewing and bowing to only the words of the constitution and not the margins and spaces between them, a document of its time made by flawed people who nonetheless saw beyond their moment and left room for interpretation.

Actually what do I know? I am not a historian or a lawyer. There’s nothing I can say that isn’t already being said.

The question is what do we do now? What matters? It feels frivolous to peck away at my phone, chronicling journeys already taken by so many. But the writing the therapy the running…. it’s all about having more capacity to do what needs doing. And we have a lot of doing ahead of us.

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