oof today I was supposed to run 6 to 7 miles of intervals but then I worked on a project and then it was midday (and even I don’t relish running a long for me distance when it’s 90 and sunny) so I worked on something else and then it was the afternoon and even hotter. I was tempted to say there we go, can’t even stick with a plan for a week, but instead decided to shift things around a bit. But this means I really do need to haul myself out tomorrow morning. Am meeting with friends so that should help. Maybe I’ll take some melatonin. Hard to work against my night owl tendencies. And even then, it’s easier for me to get up at 440am (recent for a flight and the solstice) than good ole 6am.

Ugh sidebar, we have all the windows open to cool down the apartment and one of the fans is basically gonna give me a contact high. I’m all for the legalization of pot but sometimes the skunk factor is too much.

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