sensory overload

So yeah, it’s a good thing I handle sleep deprivation well because I def have some princess and the pea qualities.

Tonight I’m thinking about noise and light.

I’m sitting on the back porch. Neighbors are laughing and playing music. I just heard the low boom of a firework, a screaming motorcycle and now an ambulance (unrelated I assume). The wind is whistling through the narrow spaces between buildings, a flagging down a taxi cab whistle (though I guess folks don’t do that as much these days). The apple tree is aflutter and the porch curtains are flapping around like sails.

It’s all good. Maybe the variety evens out the edges of each sound. Like a white noise machine.

If our neighbor’s AC compressors fired up right now, I probably wouldn’t notice.

Oh wait a sec. They just kicked in. Sounded more like a yawn than an airplane taking off. So my theory holds. Because when it’s quiet, those things make me jump out of my skin (I wonder who first came up with that phrase) and claw my eyes out. It takes a while for my brain to file it under background noise, esp when it cycles on and off.

And there goes Rumor barking… sort of annoying to me and perhaps very annoying to our neighbors. City living.

The mechanical sounds are what get me. One of my earliest memories of being very much me… I was living my best life in st Pete Beach, visiting my grandparents who lived in a high rise  steps from the ocean. Feeling my soul knit back together like some Sci fi corporeal reconstitution. Maybe it was after one of our first winters in Chicago. And then I noticed a buzzing. A whirring. Not loud but persistent. Grating. Distracting. I walked up and down the beach with increasing urgency. Finally I looked up. It was coming from the buildings. Air conditioners. Window units. They were everywhere.

Knowing the source made it easier to tolerate the drone…

0k I need to come back to this.

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