ducks, cats and ballast

So. This week has not gone as planned and these days I don’t even plan a lot given the predictable unpredictability.

This is why I am not yet looking for a full time job. I put out some feelers this week and am looking forward to catching up with fellow travelers in the coming weeks. But before I commit to anything that involves people depending on me being at a certain place at a certain time on a daily basis, I want my ducks to be in a better row.

Never really thought about that idiom? metaphor? analogy? How does it compare to herding cats? What are those expressions meant to convey?

Getting ducks in a row makes me think of wrapping up essential projects before vacation and setting up an autoreply with info about who to contact in your absense. A person who is already pretty calm and organized, just tightening things up a bit. So now I am wondering about duckling behavior. How rogue do they go? I picture a gentle nudging back into line, not a chase down the block.*

If they just need a little redirection for forward momentum, then maybe my interpretation makes sense. If so, it might not be the best discription of what I need to do before I can take on new responsibilities. I don’t need to button up some projects. I need to start them.

Herding cats isn’t quite right either. Makes me think of loud, comical, futile attempts to manage an impossible situation. All my self deprication aside, I’m actually pretty good at coaxing order from choas. Doesn’t mean I’m always able to impose it, but my day to day does not involve a lot of flying fur. The wild cats and I have an understanding.

What I need is an anchor. Or maybe ballast. Lemme look that up.

Ah yes, that’s it. Don’t want to be pinned down. I am looking for something to add stability to help me ride the waves.

*I know I can ask the internet and reread Make Way for Ducklings…I guess this is like a KWL where I am activating prior knowledge and thinking about what I want to learn.

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