cheat day

I ended up spending a lot of time updating what I wrote yesterday which is now probably too long for one post anyway so I am just going to count that work for today’s post. Gotta keep the streak alive!

Ah, OK, now that I have credit for pushing publish before midnight, is there anything else I should say?

Today was rough on the home front in part because it was heart shattering on the world front. Yesterday 19 young children and 2 adults were killed in another school shooting.

Is it ridiculous and selfish to write and run and hand wring about my small sphere given the horrors around us? Maybe, though I reckon I am not taking up a lot of space by writing. And one of my goals for this version of “self care” is write myself into a better place so I can maybe do. . . I don’t know. . .something. Head to Georgia to get Stacy Abrams elected?

screen shot of a congrats message from word press about posting 85 days in a row

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