diagram of a planet showing the relative positions of the horizon, meridian, and polar axis

Can’t remember if I already wrote about this but if I start poking through old posts I’ll start editing them and that’s a rabbit hole I don’t want to go down.

I know there’s a word for words whose form fits? evokes? their meaning. Not onomonopia exactly. I dunno. Why can’t I remember these things?? (OK, after I posted this I poked around. Phonestheme might be what I’m looking for.)

Regardless. What about words that don’t match? Took me a long time to finally accept that nadir means lowest, not highest point. I’m still a little skeptical. Some thing with hoi poloi. Always thought it meant the fancy folks… maybe I got it mixed up with hoity toity. (I am not alone.)

Anyhoo, I am now willing to accept that nadir means lowest point which is good because the alternatives are meh. And because I couldn’t resist looking it up, I just learned that it’s related to astronomy so that’s cool. Zenith and nadir are relative to the position of the observer. I can definitely get behind (or above? below?) that.

Anyhoo again, I’ve decided to reframe this whole lead up to my bday as more of a coasting down to the nadir. Instead of having my act together *by* 50, I’ll invoke new beginnings and what not. Start the trek up to wherever it is I’m trying to go. Another 100 days of writing for symmetry and that gets me close to the marathon so egads I hope I’m in a better place by October!

Speaking of running I’m thinking the sub 30 min 5k in 19 days is out of reach. After all my big talk, I haven’t been putting in the work… but I have at least been on a few runs. Even did some yoga tonight. So, progress!

treadmill display showing stats for a 5k run.
The 9:40 pace was just for the last 1/4 mile. I started at 1130 and slowly increased the speed. To get below 30 minutes, I need to average 9:40. My reflection shows how wiped I was. Oof.

I’ll just be happy to make it to the starting line. Average time for women in the 50 to 54 is 41:20 so I have a shot at being above average. Woo hoo! Here’s to new age groups.

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