clothing swap

I wear the same 4 black skirts year round. They are usually paired with thick tights, a purple or gray long sleeve shirt , and a black tank top. In midwinter, I add a base layer under the shirt and pull tall thick socks over the tights. In summer, I keep the tank and ditch the tights and long sleeves. But I don’t pack them away  because I am always watching over my shoulder for a cold front.

This is why my seasonal clothing exchange is unbalanced. In June, I stow a few big sweaters, flannel PJs, and about half of the socks. And I cram the closet with a motherload of aspirational summer dresses.

Aspirational in three senses of the word: that we will have hot weather (I’m not good with bare arms unless its over 80 degrees), that I will have reason to leave the house, and that I will be able to fit them.

In theory, the switch is a good time to cull . But my donation bags are usually small because I’m indecisive, my weight has been fluctuating, and  there’s a clothing glut in the world.

Since we are also lucky to have plenty of space, I can dodge the should it stay or should it go question by returning it to storage. I tend to keep borderline items in play. The more clothes I have, the less often I have to do laundry.

I am also more comfortable just wearing what I want even if its not flattering. I just prefer not to see the pictures.

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