hope and bravery

Hoping was my opening choice this morning. No matches. My brain raced for a word with two other vowels. Braves. A risky move, because v is not a high frequency letter.

I’ve been swept up in the Wordle craze and its myriad offshoots, including WordHurdle which has six slots. I like to savor the games so instead of starting with a power move designed to quickly winnow the possibilities, I use words that match the moment while keeping strategy in mind.

Hoping. I’m hoping that Quetzal will have better days ahead. This has been a rough year for my high school freshman, on top of tough years on top of deep traumas from the past. When each hopeful letter flipped to gray, my heart siezed up a bit. I usually get a least one match.

Braves. To honor the way Quetzal keeps pushing on.

An excellent choice! 4 matches, each in the correct spot no less: _rave_. The solution came quickly.

Tomorrow, Quetzal will face a big challenge: walking into school for the first time since March 14th. For the past five weeks, they have been in a partial hospitalization program, working hard nearly seven days a week to gain insights and coping skills related to mental health. We are so proud of their growth and tenacity.

That paragraph has many candidates for starting words for the circuit of games I’ll be playing tomorrow to help calm my mind as I wait to see how the day goes.

Some background on this post. I was feeling stumped and asked Quetzal for writing ideas. Why don’t you write about tomorrow?

This surprised me as I try to avoid sharing their personal details in public. I did enough of that when they were little, before we understood how very different it is to put a photo on line than on the fridge.

Just this once for now.

I am not one to decline such a tender invitation from my child.

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