Missed the Train

panorama of a train station and platform connected by a long tunnel, seen through a large chain link fence
Sometimes its a long journey from street level turnstile to platform. (Blue line at Western and the Eisenhower Expwy)

I was all set to work on a post about the Blue line while at lunch (ahead of writing schedule!) Got as far as adding the picture. Then I received news of another unexpected upheaval on the home front. Everyone is OK. Nothing tragic. More like a fresh pothole. But I guess my shock absorbers are shot because I burst into tears.

Normally not a big deal except that I was at a restaurant. Could barely get the order out between shallow breaths. It wasn’t a dramatic scene of doubled over lament. Just silent waterworks, a lot of lip biting, and eye contact avoidance.

I couldn’t stop, which was confounding. I think pressure has been building over the weeks. Maybe hormones opened the valves more than usual. The waiter was gracious. Didn’t make a fuss. Just slyly put a stack of napkins on the table during a walk by.

Drat 11 pm and I can barely keep my eyes open. Almost dropped the phone. The tears and raw weather wiped me out.

need to tackle the mini blue line memoir another day.

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