still very peri

woman with larger hammer about to strike for the ring the bell carnival game. Pole is red and on grass
Maybe I should have this at my next party.

The plan for today was to just reuse my FB post about this project. Then a bunch of topics started pecking at me, including the three weeks of laundry I finally embarked on this evening. Then I started hyperfocusing on something else and nearly forgot I needed to post and I am not about to lose my streak on the day I announced it. So the laundry thoughts are going back in the hamper for later.

Now I am in a lather about something else. Just received notice that my request to move out of perimenopause has been denied after 124 days. Once I get past 60 days without a cycle, I start to get hopeful. The longest I’ve gone so far is 144. Feel like I am at a carnival swinging a hammer to get the bell to ding at the top of the pole….365 days! So not even close. So I guess I’m back to 1 on that countdown.

Gah just had to take care of a home front thing so am just gonna hit post.

Here’s something I wrote two years ago that suggests George Bailey knew something about perimenopause.

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