close up of a hand holding 7 cards. A man is across the table, holding cards up to face

Was feeling stumped and Michael suggested I write about playing cards. An excellent topic for a couple of reasons  but I’m not sure I’m up to the task.

It has been a hard day in a hard week. Hard is an overused word (cousin to good and nice) but I appreciate its sound/ meaning match. D is a powerful letter, expressed through clashing of  tongue and  pallet.

The thing with me and Hearts is that I’m often  tempted to shoot for the moon, Usually the goal is to score low, but if you get all 26 points in a round, you can either add points to your opponents or take them away from yourself. Alas, my working memory is terrible. If you want to pick up all the hearts, it behooves you to keep track of which ones have been played. Which is why I often end up with 25 points… the worst outcome.

Sometimes I feel like I am looking for new ways to lose or  to confirm a bad strategy. Like, yup, it’s risky to  shoot the moon when you have a low heart, even with a lot of  high cards across suits.

I need to tbc this.

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