Sunshine, high 70s, dirty nails, and a baseball win with football numbers. A perfect day made so much sweeter by how raw this spring has been.

When I woke up to temps already in the 50s, I grabbed some coffee, offered a hasty good morning to my family, and made a beeline for the bloodwort.* In recent days, they have looked expectant. Leaves tucked in firmly, blooms peeking out above. Bundled up and cross armed like stoic commuters waiting on a blustery platform.

What a sight! Blooms open throated to the sun, leaves hitched up like skirts above immodest stems.

same short plants, white blooms fully open. also a mounding plant with apricot leaves

If the gloomy forecast holds, I suspect they will close up tonight. How does that work? Makes me think of a retractable roof. What are the molecular levers? Or maybe the  petals will just drop. Once a bloom has tasted the 70s, how does it weather a plunge back into the 30s?

If I had been born farther back on the evolutionary tree in anything but a tropical climate, I doubt I would have survived into adulthood.

*I’m a little delighted that I remembered to check. Even with all the work I’ve been doing for an embarrassing amount of time, I still default to thinking that I am incompetent and a failure. This irrational, unfounded core belief is as hard to dig out  as gout weed. My budding (sorry) botanical knowledge provides reassurance that there’s hope for me yet.

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