brought to me by the letter H

When my vision is hazy, alliteration often helps me harness and hone my thoughts.

A quarter of the way into this 100 day countdown, I have been hand wringing about my lack of focus, direction and ‘progress.’ Part of the problem is that I haven’t clearly hammered out my goals , let alone hashed out a plan for meeting them.*

It’s tempting to wave off the last 25 days of writing as hollow, haphazard, hapless (to further prove that I am an inchoate mess), but I can see the threads. I’ve been writing about healing and healing through writing.

That’s all well, good, hunky dory, but my sights are a little higher. Improve my health, declutter (there’s a lot of stuff I don’t need to carry into the next decade)

healing, health, home….

figure out professional next steps (head?)

Now I had a letter to hang ideas and hook some more…

hobbies, honor (living according to values), hands (OK this is a stretch…. stands in for community), heart (family)

Domains are much easier for me to work with than goals! Speaking of health, I’m going to choose sleep over polishing this right now)

*One of my goals is to be able to make and follow a plan (the elusive competence)

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