Rumor and Meatball

Intense day so I think I’ll follow yesterday’s lead and stay light or at least avoid the introspection riptides.

Micheal suggested I write about Rumor, our slinky, nimble, clumsy, indefatigable, snugglebug. We adopted her almost year ago, somewhat impulsively.

It’s a good story, involving Texas, amateur pilots, nearly dislocated shoulders, heartworm, baby food, and soul searching.

But I don’t think I can write about Rumor without honoring Meatball, our family’s first dog, He died March 2nd last year. He was an anchor, a muse, a companion, and the star of most of our Airbnb reviews. His decline was unexpected, sudden, swift and devastating.

But I don’t think I can write about Meatball without weeping. Would be easier if I could find my brain /heart dump from the day he crossed the rainbow bridge. Was on a pile of scrap paper that I stashed in a “special place.”

Drat. So much for being light.

I could write for hours but should call it a night. Intense day.

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