Week Four: Winter Redux

No warm up in sight
This year, I am planting peas
Touching the earth helpswelcome
Late March in Chicago. On Friday, while resisting the lure of the thermostat’s up button, I invited friends to compose brrrkus about this soul chilling, mood numbing time of the year–see end of post.  I’ve also carried on with the gardening. Each seed planted is a down payment on greener, warmer days. Miguel direct sowed a riot of spinach and lettuce near the apple tree.
I set up a container of arugula and radishes on our porch, and planted peas along the fence for the first time.
Tested the viability of some old beet (below) and spinach seeds by laying them in a sunny spot, swaddled in  damp paper towels and a plastic bag.
Added ten more jugs of flower and vege seeds, inc the beets and spinach, to the “winter sowing” collection I started on January 23rd.

weekfour_stackMore brrrkus
Tantalizing sun,

Is it possibly warm out?
Nope, that snow’s still there.

First day of 40
Kids would not put on jackets
Now 40 feels cold


sunshine spills from sky
my breath steams in the cold air
cold toes, warm heart, smiles


Spring’s tease. Deep blue sky
Brown branch, tinge of green, but cold
A beautiful day.


In five short months,
We’ll yearn for sweater weather.
Trying for perspective.

Buds in the garden
Asparagus for dinner
Dammit it is spring


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