Project Push-Up: Form vs. Time

This is my first effort at making a video selfie. I am old school, preferring to read on-line than click on talkies.* However, in my quest to perfect the push-up and do ten by year’s end, I submit today’s efforts for public critique. Are push-ups hard because my form is off. . . or just because they are hard? Ok, I know the answer is to just keep at it, but any tips are welcome. Out of nervousness, I say I am working on handstands in the video. Oops. Well, this should help me with handstands eventually, right? I am also not too keen on the boob shot, but my arms would not have allowed a retake!

*From wikipedia: By the early 1930s, the talkies were a global phenomenon. In the United States, they helped secure Hollywood’s position as one of the world’s most powerful cultural/commercial systems (see Cinema of the United States). In Europe (and, to a lesser degree, elsewhere), the new development was treated with suspicion by many filmmakers and critics, who worried that a focus on dialogue would subvert the unique aesthetic virtues of soundless cinema.

3 thoughts on “Project Push-Up: Form vs. Time

  1. Mixing it up with all your running and biking, good show!! And way to be brave about examining your own technique and opening it up for us internet trolls to comment. Per request for form critique, and not that my push-ups are any great shakes: when you fatigue you are absorbing the pushing motion with your shoulders and dividing the motion up, shoulders then torso then legs, rather than keeping a firm line. Don’t worry about the number. Don’t worry about 10. Just concentrate on maintaining a rigid core. Maybe do planks for a while. Videoing yourself doing planks will make it crystal clear when you are holding form and when you are not.

  2. It is very likely that each fitness coach teaches a slightly different form so pick one method and stick with it. I was taught to put my feet together and look straight ahead, but that was when dinosaurs roamed the Loop. Do them one way and you will be fine. In your video you got 7 good ones and I believe you’ll get to ten if you do them several days in a row before any rest day. You can even do your training more than once per day. When you train for a running event you would typically run fewer miles in training than you intend to run in the actual event. Same with push ups. Do as many as you can each day and even if you do 7 or 8 you will likely get 10 or more on 12/31. Good luck.

    Jim Ralston 901-652-8874


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