Marathon Prologue (or, I need to start somehow)

The marathon ended nearly two months ago, and I still have not finished this post. Writing about it has felt harder than those last tortuous miles. Not that I *need* to write about it. There’s no assignment to complete, no deadline to meet. But I guess the same can be said of running. They are both something I enjoy, even when the steps and words plod and slog along.

I also write to record, because memories tend to slide off my Teflon brain. [1] Without journals, family, friends, and colleagues to fill in the blanks, my past would feel like grocery store shelves before a major weather event.

But why write about this event? For me, the marathon was not a Big Deal. With a solid résumé of moderately impressive physical feats (such as riding a mountain bike nearly 100 miles loaded with camping gear on a hot summer day with the Midwest version of Montezuma’s revenge), I have approached the distance with a mixture of confidence and respect. Confidence that I can handle the distance due to mental tenacity and baseline/latent fitness. Respect for those who train intensely to meet ambitious time goals, as well as those for whom simply crossing the finish line, or even just lining up at the start, is, indeed, a Big Deal.

I want to write about the marathon because it:

1)      yielded some funny stories

2)      kicked my butt and schooled me, big time

3)      made me want to approach next year’s marathon as my own Big Deal

4)      might be of interest to others considering the race, cough, Clare, Megan, Jessica, and Joe

Well, it is time for bed, and I am just going to post this, without a picture or even much of a point. At least I am at the starting line. (Only took me about a year to finally write about it!)

[1] Does Teflon date me as a child of the Reagan era? Do people use that as a reference point anymore?

5 thoughts on “Marathon Prologue (or, I need to start somehow)

  1. Anyone who’s anyone knows what Teflon is and are still using their Teflon coated pans until they are so chipped up even melted earth balance starts to stick before tossing them. Not that this is a good analogy to your brain (beat up = memory retention?). Can’t wait to read more!

  2. This is a very thought-provoking post, Gin, and like others, I am eager for the next installment. My inner ten-year-old boy could not help but be tickled by the combination of writing about what amounts to a kind of constipation of the soul — the difficulty in sitting down and letting it out — with a reference to Montezuma’s revenge.

    Getting started with the writing is important, whether it’s getting started on summing up the last one or plotting out your training program for the next one.

    Getting started with the running, in the dead of winter, is even more daunting, but surely more rewarding still, because as you titled an early post, the endorphins do fight back the dark side.

    It’s wonderful and inspiring that you’re doing the one, and getting ready to do the other, on this day that started out in the single digits and is now, happily, almost a toasty 20º.

    Thanks for sharing this; I can’t wait for the next installment.

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