zzzzzzzzzz. . . . ..

After yesterday’s race, I was going to write a short blog post, to fulfill my goal of writing every day until the marathon. I started it in my head:

The good thing about a three hour nap is that it is a three hour nap.

The bad thing about a three hour nap is that your body has time to start retaliating for the morning’s abuse, and you wake up in the pain that usually waits until the next day.

shakespeare-can-be-fun-r-and-jWhen Miguel got tired of my “just 5 more minutes” mumblings and pulled me out of bed, my right heel hurt so badly that I needed help from Michael to get down the hall and the stairs. I iced my foot like crazy, made the corn for dinner, finished reading Romeo and Juliet* to Miguel, and crashed again.

The early bedtime helped me ignore the pain, but axed my writing streak after only four posts. So I am writing twice today to make up for it.

*I love using these versions of Shakespeare by 2nd and 3rd grade teacher Lois Burdett. She abridges them into an accessible-to-kids poem format that includes language from the plays and illustrations and writing from her students.  http://www.fireflybooks.com/Shakespeare

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