beer and tubers

imageMichael and I  share a lot of values, interests, tastes, etc. But there are some significant areas of divergence, including:

1) booze: I like wine, he likes beer.
2) tubers: He loves potatoes, I do not, unless they are yams or sweets, and I just learned that those are technically roots. He has eyes for the stem tubers:  potatoes that are white, yellow, purple, waxy, crumbly, Idaho, and who knows what else.

But in an attempt to “top off the carbs”* before tomorrow’s race, I nuked two old potatoes foraged from the bottom of our fruit basket, smashed them with salt and olive oil, and added some chopped tomatoes. I washed it down with a cider/beer shandy concocted by Michael, who has been diligently juicing his way through the carpet of apples our tree, assisted by squirrels, has been laying out for us every morning these past few weeks.

Although the beverage outshone the meal (especially since the fresh cider outshone the beer), I feel a little buoyed knowing I will have some Michael fuel to draw from tomorrow.


*The Mistake: Eating a Box of Pasta

Many runners like to top off their glycogen stores by feasting on carbs the night before a race. And why not? You’re going to burn through them the next day. But flooding your system with more carbs than it can  process may lead to digestive problems that will have you running to the porta-potty every mile.
The Fix: Consume moderate quantities–not huge portions–of  carbs for several days prior. “Massive amounts of any food throw your  system a curve ball,” says Jauquet. Have oatmeal for breakfast, potatoes at lunch, and pasta for dinner. “Eat just to fullness, so you don’t get indigestion or have trouble sleeping,” says Tara Gidus, R.D., a  spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association.

2 thoughts on “beer and tubers

  1. Good advice on the carbs. You’ll get race day benefit from what you eat even 2 days out. No need to pound pasta. And I agree about the oatmeal. I can eat a big bowl and feel light but give me a bowl of flakes and I’m a balloon animal. Buuuurp!

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